Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's Brazilian Pão de Queijo?
Cheese bread or "Pão de Queijo" in Portuguese, it’s a staple food in Brazil and throughout South America. It's a delicious snack made with tapioca flour, which makes it naturally gluten-free. In Brazil, consumed at any time, particularly during breakfast and family gatherings.


2. What products do you offer? Are they frozen or dry mix? 
We offer 2 types of Pão de Queijo, regular size (30g each) and mini (15g each). All of our products are sold frozen and ready-to-bake. No prep or mixing required. They go straight from the freezer into the oven or airfryer.


3. How do you pronounce 'Pão de Queijo'?
“Pão de Queijo” means cheese bread in Portuguese and it is pronounced “pown-deh-kay-zho”.

4. Are your products Gluten Free?
Yes, all products are Gluten Free.

5. Do you plan to make a dairy-free and / or a vegan version of your products?
Yes, it's a plan for the future. However, authentic pão de queijo calls for milk, eggs, and cheese - so should we move forward with developing this product, we'll work hard to find the right substitutions.


6. Does Pão de Queijo have allergenic ingredients?
Yes, it contains milk and eggs.


7. At what temperature should I keep the product frozen?

Keep frozen at -18 * C

8. How can I cancel my order?
Please contact us by email:


9. Do you offer coupons or discounts?

All of our special offers, including limited-time discounts, are announced on our Social Media channels. So make sure to follow us on  Facebook   and Instagram in order to not miss anything.